The origin of the RealJack.com web domain name was a Voice Over IP voice product named RealJack.

The tagline for this web site which was lost in the Wheatland, ND server crash of 2013

“Have you been jacked off by Magic Jack?”

The advertiseable point of difference, the USP (unique selling proposition) for RealJack was to highlight the privacy short coming of MagicJack

Yes – MagicJack was cheap,  but it was not secure.

MagicJack sold customer data. It is beileved because voice was stores they could use AI to reconize key words. then listne of slected conversations.

Making money with call Termination As an RLEC

Call completion, call termination to rural carriers  (RLECs) was also a MagicJack problem.

Don’t use MagicJack to call your grandmother in North Dakota 

VOIP calls originated by MagicJack often did not terminate “complete” at rurl RLECs due to masked SIP headers and low cost routing.

what number is calling 

RLEC eequyred to terminate ll calls