Everyone has heard of facial recognition software. We know how it is used in security, especially in China

Every Chinese citizen’s face is captured by a security camera. Faces are assigned a social score. Faces are assigned a unique tracking ID. Facial data is compared and stored in the Chinese cloud.

What many Americans do not know is an important off shoot of this technology is “boob recognition” software.  This highly sophisticated software compares millions of breasts both clothed and unclothed.  Through machine learning and AI the software “learns” to distinguish great boobs from average boobs. The software can evaluate any set of boobs whether in a tank top, (like the women in red, with the hand lettered “vulgar” sign) in a dress or in a bikini top.

This software has been imported from China and it has been installed in multiple security cameras at 6 Hunter Lane,  Rye NY 10580

When any of the multiple web cameras which monitor the property sense any boobs the camera captures the image,  analyzes the image and assign a boob recognition score.

All photos with scores will be posted on the sense of humor site.

Flashing increases your score

if  you would like to increase your score, please be sure to “flash” your boobs at any of the web cameras

Flashing will increase your score

Privacy – there is none please read our privacy policy.. All boob image data becomes the property of the Chinese government