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This is a "Sense of humor" web site dedicated to

  • legitimate massage customers of massage parlors in Jupiter, Florida.

Many of these law abiding, tax paying Americans went to one of these establishments for a regular, non sexual 100% legal massage?

Did any of these customers know they were somehow somehow involved in human trafficking?

Female customers of nail salons as a comparison?

Did the men accused have every reason to believe that the female masseuse was a voluntary, "free will" employee of the parlor?

How are these primarily non English speaking Asian women any different from women working in nail salons? Most heterosexual men have never been to nail salon.


If and when the video tape is ever released of the alleged sex acts inside these Jupiter salons.

Will the average viewer be able to hear if the masseuse asks the question...Happy Ending? Will we be able to hear if the patron, the customer says "yes" or just give a nod, a wink or a thumbs up?

What is a Transaction?

There is no claim to know the specifics of Florida state law.  It is believed prostitution charges can apply at various stages of a  "transaction."

Charges against the provider of services (for "prostitution"), the customer for  "solicitation of prostitution",  the middleman the SPA  (for pimping).

In the state of Florida, it is believed any "offering of sexual services" or "agreeing to provide a service" in exchange for money is considered prostitution.

Happy Ending? What if this term is on a menu? Not spoken?   "verbal yes" or a wink and a nod or a thumbs up

Is all or any this non verbal communication considered by Florida law to be "solicitation of prostitution"?

Is what happens next against the law? We will see the answer if and when the video tapes are ever released.

Most of the accused will not fight the charge. They will plead guilty pay the fine and get some sort of community service.

What if customers don't pay at the same time? What is the SPA were structured like a club? Members get a statement at the end of the month?

Does having an assistant or some third party booked book a customer a "regular" constitute solicitation?

This stuff has been going on for centuries. It's not called the world's oldest profession for nothing.

New creative stuff will happen.